The Oracle's Best Tips

There are somethings in life we have to quit in order to quit damaging our relationships with others and ourselves. We would be well placed to be more mindfull in paying more attention in developing and nurturing all of our relationships, all of the time and ...forever.


1.   Quit hanging on to grudges. – Grudges take time away from happiness.
2.   Quit complaining. – Complaining about what you dont like takes your further away from what you do like. And often puts distance between you and others.
3.   Quit saying what you dont mean. – Nothing comes from untruths.  Communicate truthly and gently.
4.   Quit making it all about you. – Because it simply  isnt. We are all connected by an invisible web.
5.   Quit lying. – Within time the truth always reveals itself one way or another and always to your heart.
6.   Quit nagging. –  It’s no fun to be nagged, and it’s no fun to be a nag. Try to each share the tasks and swap around those that you hate if you can or agree to take turns. 
7.   Quit blaming others.  – Instead, take on self responsibility and keep good relations.

8.   Quit doubting yourself and others. –  If a person thinks they can or cant do something, they are absolutally right. And everything starts with a dream.
9.   Quit interrupting. – Wait to have your say. If there is an injustice choose to walk away
10. Quit being selfish. – Each selfish act attracts another.

11. Quit judging. – Everyone is going through something and it is not always evident.
12. Quit gossiping. – It damages everyone, including the reputation of the gossiper.

13. Quit making promises you are unable to keep. –  It is better to decline than make a promise that you cannot keep. Rather surprise and deliver the unexpected.
14. Quit being defensive. – It's ok to have differing opinions, neither of which may be wrong. Great things can be discovered with an open mind.
15. Quit comparing people to others. – There is a wonder in everyone being uniique, multifaceted and valuable.
16. Quit expecting people to be perfect. – Perfection in a person is unmeasurable. There is perfection within inperfection .
17. Quit trying to be everything to everyone. – Do what you can do and want to do with an open heart and let the rest take care of itself. 
18. Quit frowning more than smiling. – A sincere smile spreads warmth and kindness.
19. Quit fighting. Apologise, be affectionate and make a promise of action that will  heal the past, build a bridge for now and created hope for your future.
20. Quit being  critical. – Praise the positive and be part of the solution of changing the culture from one of criticism to  appreciation.
21. Quit taking advantage of others because you can. – There is a bigger picture that shows shame.
22. Quit punishing others for their mistakes. – Human beings,  being human make mistakes. Punishing others hurts the punisher often more than those being punished. 
23. Quit being over dramatic. – Exagerating a situation is rarely helpful and often harmful.
24. Quit thinking that romance is no longer needed . – Breathe fresh air into the relationhip with good surprises, a long weekend in a romantic hideaway or a special time alone   without  interference of phones, tv's and others. Do these things regularly to keep the romance of life alive.  
25. Quit thinking that intimacy is unnecessary. – Intimacy has many meanings and many outcomes.