Mantic Arts Master

Become a Master of Mantic Arts

Mantic come from Greek word meaning "soothsayer or prophetic" and from this term arises the Psychic and Spiritual Institute's very own Master of Mantic Arts study programme.

This programme is eligible for all students that have successfully completed four courses with our institute within an 18 month period, and requires the student to complete a Research Project (Thesis) on a set of psychic and spiritual topics.

The benefits of completing our Master of Mantic Arts programme is that you will achieve the highest level of qualification offered to psychic and spiritual workers. This qualification will reflect your dedication to the ancient, mystical art form of psychic and spiritual studies.

There is a one-off fee of $195 involved in this programme - however this fee is waived if you enrol in four courses at one time.

Please contact the Institute on 1800 064 599 for an information fact sheet.