Measures of success

When you hear the word ‘success’, what do you automatically think?


Our society idealises ‘success’ as the attainment of material wealth. However, if we think material possessions alone represent success, then we are very unlikely to be successful in life – census statistics show that less than 10 percent of the Australian population live in ‘high income’ households (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2011). In any case, while wealth may perhaps make the journey through life more comfortable, it is true that it will never ‘buy’ happiness.


There is certainly nothing wrong with material wealth itself. However, it is necessary to recognise that ‘success’ is more about ‘meaning’ than it is about material gain. In their march for success, many never attach ‘meaning’ to their goals and, as such, any success they obtain is often empty and pointless. The truth is that success, meaning and – ultimately – happiness come from inside of us.


It is imperative that we pursue goals and outcomes which resonate deeply with us. When we have a profound understanding as to why a goal is important – that is, the wider (often altruistic) meaning underpinning it – we provide ourselves with the enthusiasm, motivation and purpose necessary to achieve it. And when we achieve it, then, our reward is genuine satisfaction, significance and joy – none of which can ever be acquired with material wealth.


Such a profound realisation is essential for development in each of the personal, professional and spiritual domains. And like success, our development is an ongoing process that must be considered a journey, not simply a destination. ‘Success’ – and happiness – in their truest sense is something we must continually strive to achieve.


Deep spiritual wisdom is perhaps the highest level of success that can be achieved, and is recognised to be the umbrella under which most other types of success fall. This website provides a wide range of stories, quotes and courses designed to enable you to advance and intensify your spiritual development. You are encouraged to visit us frequently to explore, learn and teach through the sharing your own inspirational stories of success. We welcome you on this journey!



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